Bollywood Villain With Most Beautiful Wives

Hello bollywood lovers, we came back with one of the most searched topic over internet. This is all about the personal life of bollywood stars. In this video we are going to provide the list of hot wives of Bollywood villains. Indian cinema is too versatile. Some of the good actors only plays villains roll and some of the versatile actor changes their character according to the story. We are starting our list of hot wives of bollywood villains.

Here we have created a video of Hot Wives of Bollywood Villains:

Nikitin Dheer is the first actor in our list. Nikitin Dheer is known for his good physic and aggression. His wife is Kratika Sengar who is also a Actor. She is currently working as a daily soap artist and this couple looks to adorable.

Nikitin Dheer

Ashutosh Rana is on the second number in this list. He is well known villain in Indian cinema. He only does villains role with too much anger and aggression. But in real life, he got married to Renuka Shahane. This looks really nice but we imagine Ashutosh Rana with cute Renuka Shahane , we could not believe this in first sight.

Ashutosh Rana

Mukesh Rishi is also one of the famous villain character in bollywood movies. He married to hot and cute Keshni Rishi.

Last actor fall in this list is Kabir Bedi. He only did negative and villain character in all bollywood drama movies. Married life of kabir bedi never been easy, he has married three times. His first two wives were feeling  insecure and got divorce. He married thrice at the age of Seventy years and name of her wife is Praveen Dusanj.

kabir bedi

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