Bollywood Actresses Who Married Twice For Money

Hello Bollywood lovers, in this article we are going to provide you the list of those Bollywood actresses who married twice only for money. We have collected this information from legit sources and finally made a list which can be shocking for your because it may also contain name of your loved ones Bollywood stars.

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एक से ज्यादा शादियां कर चुकी है ये Bollywood हेरोइने | Bollywood Actress Married More Than Once

We are starting this list with one of the most talented bollywood cum tv actresses shweta Tiwari.

Currently Shweta tiwari married to Abhinav Kohli and they have one child . Shweta tiwari’s first husband name was Raja Chaudhary, she took divorced from him due to harassment and now living her with liberty with Abhinav Kohli.

Shweta tiwari

Now we have Neelima Azeem on second number who did three marriages. Please watch the above video to get more information about her.Neelima Azeem

Yogita Bali who also married twice for money only. Currently Yogita Bali living her life with Mithun Chakraborty. Before him , she was married to one of the biggest singer in india i.e. Kishor Kumar. This is really shocking that how could a girl leave any shinning star.

Yogita Bali

Neelam Kothari is coming on number 4. Story of Neelam kothari is also too shocking to forget . Firstly she is married to a NRI Business and got divorced after three years of marriage . Now she is married to Sameer.Neelam Kothari

Kirron Kher is the last name of our list who also married twice. Currently she is married to Anupam Kher and both are living their life with full enjoyment.

 Kirron Kher

We have provided the complete life of those bollywood actresses who married twice only for money.

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